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ClinTest Wednesday 31 August 2011

Lets be more physical than biological scientist

The ultimate quest of science- what we are, where we are from and where we are going- if needs to be understood, lets learn the physical science. As the students of biology and specially molecular biology, we have learnt enough about the molecular aspect of life. It is the zenith. Now we need to mix this knowledge with the principles of physical science.

If someone is living in a dome, it is impossible to describe the dome completely. He may describe the inner part, but never the complete picture.

Same way, a biologist, a complete biologist, who is only busy with the tit bits of biological aspects of life will never be able to define a life a completely, because he is not seeing the complete picture.

Lets bring us to the outer world. I believe, we have learned the ability to understand the biological dogmas of life, now we need the physical science to complete the picture. We need physics, chemistry, electronics and most importantly the computer science and mathematics to understand the life.

Lets do it. Lets say, Dear biology, its enough! I love you, I want to achieve the goal what you have set and so I am leaving you, I want to enter in the world of physical sciences. Because I will never be able to understand life if I live the captivating world of biology. The principles of life is in physical science.


MI Ayub Wednesday 31 August 2011

Science and Festival

People celebrates there life through different festivals- why festivals are so important to them. Does Science tell anything??

by JooForge